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Sailing at sea is one of the oldest professions in which human beings have been engaged so far. It is one of the most challenging and rewarding careers.

The job involves variety of tasks which no other job in the worlds would offer. The job includes a unique advantage of sailing to various places in the world and offers one of the best remuneration packages among all industries.

Employment opportunities are excellent with a wide variety of jobs available both ashore and on board throughout the world.

Indian seafarers are the most sought after by all shipping companies throughout the world for their professionalism and hard work.

After joining sea as a trainee (Nautical Officer/Engineer Officer/GP Rating) an individual can reach to the highest rank as Captain or Chief Engineer of the ship after passing and completing relevant training courses and competency exams.

The academy offers courses and guidance to prepare you to sail for high seas and a challenging career.


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Board of Examination for Seafarers Trust – BEST
International Maritime Organization
World Maritime University
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